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See what leading industry professionals have to say about Kimberly and her students!

“Kimberly Vaughn is a dynamic, enthusiastic educator whose passion for the theatre (and her students) is incredible, not to mention completely infectious.”

--Stephen Kopel

Casting Director

Roundabout Theatre Company

“Kimberly Vaughn is a singular and extraordinary teacher. Her ability to zero in on a performer’s problem -- and break through it -- is astonishing.”

--Wiley Hausam

Former Associate Producer NYSF; Former Songbook Series Coordinator at Joe’s Pub

“Kimberly Vaughn is one of those rare and hard-to-find teachers who combines her vast knowledge of the theatre and current vocal expectations with a real sensitivity toward the performer. I recommend Kimberly to anyone desiring to reach their potential by developing their lyric interpretation and vocal skills.”

--Jamibeth Margolis


“Kimberly works in an individual and revolutionary way. I have witnessed many breakthroughs. Her work puts emotional honesty into musical theatre. Anyone would benefit from her coaching.”

--Maggie Maes

The Actors Loft;

Maude Kaplan Management

“Kimberly Vaughn possesses a unique ability to disarm performer
insecurities in a non-critical way.”

--D. Scott Ferguson

Musical Director, Pianist,

Vocal Coach

“As a Casting Director and Director for over thirty years, I do a fair amount of teaching. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of teaching a class for Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio.  The students Kimberly prepared for the class proved to be not only talented but ahead of many actors
and actresses with whom I have worked in other such workshops.  
Kimberly’s students had thought through the material they presented and made choices, avoiding the pitfalls to which so many actors succumb when preparing for the audition process.”

--Arnold J. Mungioli

Mungioli Theatricals Inc.

Former Executive Director of Casting

Buena Vista Theatrical Group

Disney Theatrical Group

"I've seen actors from many different audition classes and
backgrounds and the actors in Kimberly Vaughn's class are certainly among the best. Clearly she is training them well. Her students shine."

--Scott Schwartz

Broadway Director

Golda's Balcony;

Jane Eyre

“Kimberly Vaughn uses her gifts of wisdom, experience and supreme intuition to evoke the gifts in her students. Her enthusiasm for teaching is refreshing and her passion for the artistic community contagious. She has the insight that it takes more than strength of talent to succeed in this business; it takes strength of spirit.”

--Alaine Alldaffer

Casting Director

Playwrights Horizons

“What I love about Kimberly’s program is how committed she is to every performer’s individual artistic growth. Her endless breadth of theatrical knowledge paired with her passion and ability to pin point where specific changes and improvements are needed is truly remarkable. Having seem so many of her students in auditions before and after her workshops, the level of improvement is remarkable and serves as true testament of the effectiveness of the program she has created.”

--Patrick Goodwin


Telsey + Co

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly on several occasions. She is an extraordinary educator and a master at her craft. Her ability to focus her students and guide them to be truthful storytellers is second to none. She provides a safe space where actors can be free to make choices, learn and grow. I have called in several of her students for meetings. Kimberly is simply the best!"

--Dustin Flores

Formerly Senior Talent Agent

The Mine NY/LA

“I have taught several workshops with Kimberly Vaughn in the past
and her tireless effort and support towards her students never ceases to amaze me. She is a giving and nurturing teacher. I have brought in several of her students to audition for projects in my office.”

--Mark Brandon

Binder Casting

"Kimberly Vaughn is a wonderful teacher. I love her combination of
compassion, directness, specificity, passion for detail and connection to the text. All presented in a succinct fashion. Excellent!"

--Tom Burke


Speech-Language Pathologist;

Voice Teacher

Tom Burke Voice Studio;


“Although we spent such a brief time together, Kimberly’s influence cannot be measured. She gave my fledgling career credibility and direction.  That direction has obviously helped. Thanks for all you did for me and all that you do for your students.”

--Tom Hallett


“There is no better testament to Kimberly Vaughn's expertise than the skills and self-assurance her students demonstrate when they

--Bill Russell


Side Show

“Kimberly Vaughn is a rare teacher indeed. Her care and compassion for her students surpasses that of anyone I've ever played for. Her straight-forward approach to the artistic expression gives invaluable training to anyone who is fortunate enough to study with her. Kimberly’s students blossom.”

--David Geist

Pianist, Broadway Conductor, Musical Director, Arranger

"Kimberly Vaughn is the real deal. Just look at her bio then you'll know."

--Tim Phillips

The Audition Specialist

"I love working in Kimberly’s classes.  Her passion and love for the business rubs off on her students which leads to a fun and very creative environment for everyone in the room. I watched her students develop over time and highly recommend her class.  You will be in good hands."

--Peter Kaiser

Principal Agent for The Talent House

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