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In Kimberly's upcoming book, she gives you all the tools you need to


  • Trust and believe the truth that at your core being you always have been and always will be enough

  • Trust and believe the truth that you are the source and substance of your work

  • Dramatically shift auditions from armored, outwardly focused (I must impress the table), into fluid, inwardly focused, motivated storytelling (I authentically express and share who I am)

  • Transform from an accommodating, apologetic actor into a commanding force of nature who delivers fierce, formidable, authentic and unforgettable work every time

  • Ours is a sacred calling to unearth our inner most truth in order to breathe life into our lyrics and spoken text and thereby awaken hearts and minds one audition and one performance at a time.

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Excerpt from the foreword by Sheri Sanders:

"The first time I met Kimberly, I had dropped out of college, moved to the city, studied profusely on my own, had some great success as an actress, but needed a “third eye” so to speak. I was what people called a ‘’diamond in the rough”. Major talent, but super wild.


Kimberly was doing a master class with a Broadway casting person, waaaaaayyyyy before the economy got so bad that EVERYONE was hiring casting directors to come and do workshops. It seemed like, at least to me, this was her bright idea first.

Before we got in front of ANYONE that night, she worked our material with us so that it grew deeper, sharper, cleaner, clearer… But what was awesome, is my performance still shimmered with my personality. We ALL gave much better performances in that class that night, I will tell you that!

At that point I was like ”Okay, who the hell is this woman???!!!!!”  She cares so much about our craftsmanship. And our souls. And she’s so flippin’ GOOD at this!  And so began our relationship as teacher and student.  And friend. For over 20 years."


Rock The Audition