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Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio offers classes and private one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom™!

• Musical Performance Audition Technique, with emphasis on contemporary and standard Broadway, pop/rock, country, and opera. Focus is on lyric interpretation as well as on freeing your instrument emotionally and physically to achieve storytelling that is authentic, expressive, engaging, and insures resonant, natural, free sound and instinctive impulse-driven body language.


• Monologues and audition sides: in-depth coaching in character and text analysis & interpretation


• Interview and audition protocol and technique: practice & presentation


• Image and style consulting: wardrobe, hair, makeup, headshots/resumes


• Career Momentum Strategy (CMS) goal setting with strategy and implementation coaching


• Workshops and master classes with leading industry casting directors, agents, composer-lyricists, musical directors, directors

Meet just a few of the talented students who attend Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio!

Class Schedules

Two Monday classes, scheduled in 4 to 6-week cycles via Zoom:

Mondays at 2:00-4:00pm and 6:00-8:00pm respectively EST

Classes are $80 each 

Private Coaching Sessions

In-depth coaching of songs, monologues, audition sides both in-person & via Zoom™ are available by appointment only.

One-hour coaching session for songs, monologues, audition sides: $150.

One hour coaching session for two-person song or scene: $200.

***Attention young performers, age 12-19!***

KVPS offers private coaching for audition songs and monologues focusing on lyric and text analysis and interpretation, and audition technique, to help develop your creative impulses and skills, and to prepare the high school student for authentic, memorable, satisfying university auditions that result in placement. Each 60 minute online or in-person session is $135. Book a series of 3 or 6 sessions and save! Kimberly is also available to coach your auditions.

Ensure your professional development and viability in the New York City theatrical marketplace, the University setting, and beyond. 

“Working with Kimberly has been nothing short of a blessing. Her immense knowledge and keen artistic

eye make her an absolute gift to have in your corner. She truly has changed my life, and I’m so grateful

that I have been fortunate enough to work with her. If you are looking for someone who can mold you

into the performer you aspire to be, then do yourself a favor and work with Kimberly. She is an incredible

person, and so adept at pulling the absolute best out of an actor. I feel like each session is better than the

last—I come out of every lesson feeling confident, inspired, and reminded why I want to do this for the

rest of my life. Thank you Kimberly.”

— Joey Gamba, 17, Westfield HS, senior; New Jersey

“The learning and growing never ends with Kimberly. Every single session I would find new ideas to

utilize within the pieces I was working on. Even after I was accepted into my top college, we still

discussed ways in which my craftsmanship could extend through character work and analysis of text. Not

only did I work relentlessly with Kimberly to hone my craft, but I also gained an incredible amount of

confidence by strengthening the skills I had built with her. Thank you Kimberly!”

Alytie Silverman, 18, American University, freshman; New Jersey

“Working with Kimberly was an unforgettable experience. Her in-depth, detailed coaching helped me be

more confident in tackling my auditions and monologues as a whole. Thank you, for all your support!”

— Iris Selmpesi, 18, the drama school, Cours Florent,  and the American University of Paris, freshman;

Athens, Greece

"I worked with Ms. Vaughn on monologues when I was auditioning for colleges, and it was with her

expert help that I was able to get into a wonderful school. I have continued to work with Ms. Vaughn

during the school year to help me audition for different productions, as well as helping me break down

scripts from the shows I have been a part of. Because of Ms. Vaughn, I have learned to trust my instincts,

and my craft has improved tremendously because of it. I would not be in the desirable position I am now

without her.”

— Chloe Sinder, 18, Oberlin College, sophomore; Virginia

"I love working with Kimberly!! Through extensive, nuanced discussion, she’s not only helped me reach a new level of depth in individual pieces—she’s helped me further develop the way I approach my work in general. I’ve only been working with her for a year but in that time, I’ve made enormous strides as an actor and as an artist."

— Avi K, 15, 11th grade, Brooklyn, NY

 Prerequisites: Working knowledge of musical theatre.

Student must be building their rep book.

Contact Kimberly today for more information!

Career Momentum Strategy Sessions

One hour CMS session includes goal setting & implementation, interview technique, headshot/resume review, image & style consultation, and more for  $135.

Half hour sessions are also available for $80.

Discounted 3-pack and 6-pack half-hour sessions available upon request.

Capture  The Callback Online Class

These classes will be held online via Zoom and will be offered in 4-week cycles.

This new CTC will include both audition song cuts as well as audition monologue cuts.


This class is limited to four students.

Stay tuned for the next cycle!

Each class is $70

The full fee of $280 is payable in two instalments of $140 each (payment dates TBD)

Make one payment of $240 and save $40

For More Information on CTC, Click Here.

To book your  FREE  class audit, private coaching session, or Zoom™ coaching session, click here and fill out the contact form.  For Zoom™ sessions, Venmo or Zelle payment must be received 3 days prior to scheduled session.

A 48 hour cancellation policy applies for all classes and private coaching sessions live or via Zoom™.

Private Coaching
Young Performers
The actors at Kimberly Vaughn Performance Studio are working and starring on Broadway, in national tours, and regional theatre, in some of the following shows:

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Destiny is not a matter of chance...

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