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Kimberly Vaughn's Audition Essentials

My most successful students have accessed the tools offered in my Audition Essentials workshop. And the feedback from casting directors confirms its value. As your presence in the room increases so does your booking rate. Accelerate your momentum. Capture the essence of successful auditioning in Audition Essentials.

This workshop is designed to ensure you succeed in your auditions by laying down the foundation both technically and interpretively for getting the callbacks and booking the jobs. Minimally, you want to land in the “file for future shows” pile and not in the waste basket. That may not be the case if you are busy judging yourselves and the casting director’s reaction to you. With your AE tools to guide you, you'll successfully invest in an audition process which invites the table to join you on your journey. Callbacks are more likely to follow.

Join Kimberly Vaughn, Broadway performance coach, regional director and triple Tony-Award nominated producer for the workshop that will transform the way you audition, the way you are perceived in the audition room and ultimately your career success.

Audition Essentials returns on
26, 2022, from 6-10pm
at a midtown location to be announced

This 4-hour workshop is $110
and is limited to 8 students.

Click Here to reserve your spot today!

"I owe so much to Audition Essentials. It has armed me with the knowledge and confidence of how to handle all elements in the audition room, so my focus can be on my story telling. With every audition moving forward, I am becoming a stronger, more connected version of myself -- so much so that I just booked a production contract! Thank you, Audition Essentials!

--Micki Weiner, Phantom of the Opera National Tour

"Audition Essentials completely changed my outlook and confidence in the audition room. It really aided in fine tuning the basic audition procedures."

--Jared Young, Favorite Son, American Idiot National Tour

"After being an actor in the city for many years, I felt I was a pretty seasoned auditioner, but I still felt like sometimes my auditions weren't landing in the way I hoped when I prepared for them. This class was the perfect check-in to see what I could improve on. It honed the moment-to-moment of the audition process in such a specific and positive way that I now feel empowered to fully bring myself and my work to the audition setting. I highly recommend this class!"

--Jeremy Pasha, NYMT Boys Will Be Boys

"Who needs meds when you have Audition Essentials?!"

--Anonymous Student

When you walk into your auditions, you'll have the technique and tools to own the room, command the space, and claim your success every time. Audition Essentials will transform the way you audition, the way you are perceived in the audition room, and ultimately your career success.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in industry classes and workshops, including fee(s) charged,

does not guarantee representation or submission for projects. These classes and workshops are for

educational purposes only, to serve each student's artistic development.

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