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Audition Workshop with Joel Carlton of CGF TALENT

There is only one Joel Carlton. He brings his special blend of knowledge, wisdom, and style coupled with a keen understanding of what works in the marketplace and what does not. He will speak to your goals and discuss your type as well as perceived strengths and weaknesses in order to illuminate the truth for you so you can grow, expand, and soar both in this workshop and beyond.

Choose the song cut that you believe most exemplifies your talent and type.

You and Joel will collaborate to find your true essence within this cut,

digging in to 'mine' that which makes you unique.

STAY TUNED for future dates!

$135 for all students

Workshop is limited to 10 students

Your deposit confirms your space

Click Here to reserve your spot today!

I heartily encourage you to jump at the opportunity to engage in your creative process

with the premier Joel Carlton.  Join us and enhance your audition success!

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in industry classes and workshops, including fee(s) charged,

does not guarantee representation or submission for projects. These classes and workshops are for

educational purposes only, to serve each student's artistic development.

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