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KVPS Presents Body-Centered Storytelling/Laban

Story Empowerment Movement Class

October 17

Ripley Grier, 131 W. 72nd St

7:30-10:00pm, Studio 2R

$45 class fee

Justin Boccitto, my long-time colleague and friend, premier dance teacher, performing artist and regional director, is back for this one-night BCS/Laban Story Empowerment Movement Class!

Originating in 1920, Laban remains one of the most established, transformative, accessible and extraordinary movement-based vocabularies alive today.

We all will agree that singers and actors are intimidated by movement and frightened to lose their “go-tos’. We have preconceived notions of how to perform a song and monologue, says Justin.

Immediately, Laban gets you thinking about different ways to move so that with every character you explore and play, you’ll have the Laban vocabulary from which to draw.

Laban will help you to get out of your head and push your boundaries in a freeing, improvisational, fun and rewarding way.

Read What Students Are Saying!

"Body-Centered Storytelling? I had no idea what it was, or its practical value to the audition / performance process, at the start of the five-week workshop. It was only my faith in Kimberly Vaughn and Justin Boccitto that encouraged me to move forward with the class. I'm glad I did.  It opened up a new way of looking at myself and the enhanced "vocabulary" necessary to tell a story that goes beyond the basic required technique of song interpretation and scene work. I heartily recommend the class, especially if you choose to think of your instrument as the combination of acting, vocal, and movement expression." Alan Simon


The main ingredient of Laban is called “Effort Shapes” which are eight distinct movements, two of which you will learn in this class. Here are some of the enormous benefits:

  • Laban provides a tool set that will enable you to grow your own movement vocabulary and discover new ways to physicalize character.

  • Within Laban you will come to see the world less as a static reality and more as a reality in the process of transformation.

  • Using Laban to explore character in the body is a way to extend the singer-actor’s movement vocabulary and ability to play characters physically. 

Justin will teach you 2 of the 8 Effort Shapes on October 17 which you will implement immediately in improvisational movement based storytelling. In essence, you’ll work your 16 bar cuts through movement.


Justin will also include recommendations on the types of dance and movement based classes that will best propel you forward. The evening will be rounded out with a Q & A.


This class will be devoted to deepening your movement based interpretation through the infusion of your 2 Laban Efforts Shapes into movement based exploration of your 16 bar song cuts.

Profoundly, our bodies give material form to who we are as individuals and storytellers.

So many of you have expressed interest in breaking free of the physical ‘ties that bind you up’ in your auditions.

Master performers, says Justin, recognize the importance of their human condition and want to access all elements of themselves. Let Laban help you to achieve this.

Please join us for Body-Centered Storytelling/Laban Story Empowerment Movement class, and begin to reawaken your body to infinitely freer, spontaneous and transformative storytelling.

Your $45 confirms you space in class and is due by October 8 via Paypal.


Please email me at performingcoach@gmail to confirm your space. Thank you.


Read What Students Are Saying!


"The Body-Centered Storytelling work surpassed my expectations. I came to the class with a very strong body connection already in place. I took the class because I was curious about exploring a new language, a new technique, but honestly just thought at best I’d deepen my interpretation of the songs I’d bring in to the class. Through learning the Laban shapes and working with Justin and Kimberly and seeing the work of others in class, I’ve initiated an exciting new relationship between my body and my voice and spoken and sung words and music. The work awakened a vein of personal power from within my instrument that I am so excited to explore and bring to my acting and singing work. It also gave me a new vocabulary to add for use for song preparation, rehearsal and the crafting of characters. Justin and Kimberly are gifted and empowering teachers. Their passion for truthful, compelling storytelling is matched by their commitment to each student’s growth.” Margaret Curry


Thank you for your interest!

There is no doubt that Body-Centered Storytelling/Laban will open and expand your sense of self, your sense of play, your sense of trust in your body as the vessel from which your fully-committed, uniquely one-of-a-kind storytelling will emerge.

This class is limited to 10 students so please be sure to contact me while space remains. Thank you.

Onward we go!

To Your Success!

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