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Musical Theatre Audition Class for Young Performers

KVPS is very excited to announce this NEW Musical Theatre Audition class for young performers ages 12-19! Students work every week in this 5-week summer session, focusing on lyric interpretation and audition technique to help our future Broadway stars get training that goes beyond theatre 101 to insure their professional development and viability in the New York City theatrical marketplace and beyond. Watch Kimberly work here.

Five weekly classes for $350.

Fee is due 1 week prior to the first class. Class space is limited. To reserve your child's spot, click here.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of musical theatre. Student must be building their rep book.

Watch Kimberly work with Bennett, a talented young actor in Dallas, Texas


“Working with Kimberly has been a great experience! It is so easy to be focused on a song and want to make sure it sounds perfect, but I learned that your character and their motivations are equally or even more important than focusing on your sound.  The Audition Essentials class has given me an enormous amount of tools to make sure I have the best audition possible.” Bennett Cooper, age 13, Dallas/Ft. Worth

“Kimberly Vaughn opened my eyes to help me be my best when analyzing an audition piece. Before working with KV, I was blind to unconscious habits that could cost me a job. I used to loathe monologues, but she taught me how to delve into every piece I've been given. Collaborating with KV improved my approach to musical theatre auditions and the rehearsal process immensely. Kimberly Vaughn is and will always be one of the best.” David Midkiff, age 16, Dallas/Ft. Worth

“Working with Kimberly Vaughn has taught me how to pay attention to details and dig in to the language of each and every song and monologue I explore. She makes certain that I have a solid understanding of the text which is facilitated by my translating the lyrics and prose into my own way of speaking. She challenges me to be a conscious actor by choosing to live in the moment every time. I’m becoming honest and connected to my material because I work with Kimberly Vaughn!” Nathan Salter, age 18, Dallas/Ft. Worth

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