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SPECIAL GUEST - Agency Director, the mine

Dustin Flores

October 31, November 7 & 14

7:00-11:00pm (October 31 & November 7),

7:00-10:00pm (November 14)

Studios 353, Studio 1

Pianist ~ Joshua Stephen Kartes

Class fee: $225


Deposit: $105 confirms your space * Two weekly $60 payments begin October 31


Please note: this workshop is offered in lieu of the contemporary scene study workshop with Eric Woodall.

On October 31, we will begin our 3-week Contemporary musical theatre duet workshop. This workshop will help to enhance your perspective and proficiency on contemporary musical theatre material and how to more effectively and successfully audition for this musical genre.

Kimberly will choose five duets, and pair you according to type and age range prior to our first class.

Week 1: from 7-11pm we’ll gather at the table to discuss each duet’s lyrical story and character history vis a vis the world of each musical as we begin to build character and motivations. Then, we’ll rehearse your duets multiple times with Joshua at the piano.


Thereafter, we’ll begin to loosely block duets, noting and exploring how your character’s behavior and musicality differ from standard genre musical theatre with attention to genre-specific contemporary musical theatre vocal production and physical life.


Week 2: from 7-11pm we’ll block remaining duets and run all duets off book.

NOTE: Off book. Thank you.


Week 3: from 7:00-10:00pm you'll rehearse your duets with and receive adjustments and direction from our guest Agency Director at the Mine, Dustin Flores.

This 3rd class is not an audition class. Dustin will work hands-on with each of you on your duets to continue to develop truthful storytelling and character, begun in the first two classes.

This workshop is created to give you the opportunity to connect with your fellow actor on stage, to develop your performance skills and stamina, and to achieve the satisfaction of being in a live performance class.


Please email to confirm your space at 


Based on past interest and student’s winning ‘reviews’ of the scene study workshops, this workshop will fill.

I invite you to come aboard for this game-changing opportunity - a compelling bridge that helps you to continue transforming your auditions for contemporary musical theatre thereby accelerating future success!

Thank you!

To Your Success!

Get ready to achieve freer, emotionally connected and empowered storytelling. See you there!

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